Midwest United States
KoolDuct Fabricators

Here you will find a listing of our Delivery Partners, local Fabricators of Kingspan KoolDuct in your area.


Dekalb Mechanical - Dekalb, Illinois

Pipco Companies, LTD - Peoria, Illinois



Insolution - Indianapolis, Indiana

Morris Sheet Metal - Fort Wayne, Indiana



Climate Engineers - Eldridge, Iowa



Central Air Conditioning Co. - Wichita, Knasas



Ventcon - Detroit, Michigan



Ducts and Cleats - St. Paul, Minnesota



Hausman Metal Works and Roofing, Inc. - St. Joseph, Missouri

R.F. Meeh Co. - St. Louis, Missouri



Castle HVAC, Cleveland, Ohio

Commercial Comfort - Toledo, Ohio

KD Manufacturing - Delphos, Ohio

Speer Mechanical - Columbus, Ohio

Do not see a local delivery patron? Contact Delta Air Systems.

Kool Duct Benefits

There are many benefits to The Kingspan KoolDuct System. Find out more about how you can have the cutting edge in air distribution!

Kool Duct Case Studies
Luther Home of Mercy
Two identical buildings were constructed; One with KoolDuct, the other with Wrapped Sheet Metal.
The Ice House
A three story complex of "green condominiums." The perfect place for Kingspan KoolDuct.
BBC Glasgow Building
BBC Scotland's new headquarters is benefiting from lightweight but strong Kingspan KoolDuct.
Kingspan KoolDuct
The Kingspan KoolDuct system is a pre-insulated, high efficiency air duct system suitable for a variety of air distribution applications. It offers advantages over sheet metal ductwork, being lightweight, needing shorter installation time, having virtually no air leakage and offering high R-Values. This system is changing the HVAC industry. For more information on the complete Kingspan KoolDuct System, please contact us.

Why KoolDuct?

  • UL 181 Listed Product
  • High R-Values
  • Low Air Leakage
  • Fiber Free Insulation
  • Space Saving
  • Lightweight
  • Low Carbon Footprint
  • Outstanding Fire and Smoke Performance
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